New Homes and Renovations

Our Team  –  we work with a number of architects to design for our clients, once we have an understanding of the building style, land and client we will decide which one best suits the job.  The design process will be detailed and having the builder part of this phase works well for many reasons.  This is the beginning of creating something special that meets our clients expectations.

Your Plans – if you have had your plans drawn we can construct from these.

Your Architect – if you are in the design stage and wish to appoint a builder, we can work with your architect in the initial stages of design to assist with any queries relating to construction technique or other matters.

Architect Managed Projects

Whilst architects and draftsman do have some involvement throughout the construction phase, there are times when clients may appoint their architect to Project Manage the entire job through to completion.  We can work in conjunction with architects throughout the construction period.

Multi-Unit Developments

We have experience in construction of Multi-Unit developments, we work in conjunction with the developer and architect to adhere to budget, time frame, building codes and of course quality.

Smaller and other building needs

 We can complete smaller works when our schedule allows, please don’t hesitate to call to discuss.